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How to find the right expert for your event

Finding the right expert for your event is crucial to its success. In this article, we'll go over the key steps and factors you need to consider to find the perfect expert to suit your needs and budget.

Consider price and subject

When searching for an expert, price and topic are two of the most important criteria to consider. Prices for experts on Youandx range from 5,000 DKK for less experienced experts up to 50-60,000 DKK for more experienced and sought-after experts. Big international names can even cost more than 1 million DKK.

You can search by topic in our free text field or choose between "Talks", "Workshop" and "Coaching" to see popular topics within each type of service.

Use search filters and categorizations

Youandx offers more than 100 different topics and three types of services (Talks, workshops and coaching). Moreover, you can filter by region, personalized validation of Youandx, language, and other factors to find the right expert.

Comparison of experts

To compare different experts, check out our recommended picks based on ratings, number of lectures sold, and other factors. You can also visit each expert's profile to read reviews and watch videos. Message the experts you're considering to find out if you work well together.

Communication with experts

When communicating with potential experts, be sure to respond professionally and ask relevant questions about their experience, competencies and services.

Choose the right expert

To determine if an expert is the right match based on your needs and budget, you can write them a message and discuss your expectations and requirements.

Consider availability and other factors

While rarely a problem, you can consider factors like expert availability, geographic location, and technical requirements by filtering your search results.

The booking process

To ensure a successful booking, remember to accept the expert's quote or confirmation and enter your payment details. Without these steps, performance will not be definitively confirmed.

By following these steps and considerations, you can find the perfect expert for your event and ensure a successful and problem