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How to get started as a customer

It's very simple!

First of all, welcome to Youandx!

We are happy that you have decided to become a customer with us, and we will do what we can to make you want to stick around.

How best to get started depends on several things - should you use Youandx once or do you expect to come again? And is it only you who should use Youandx, or should you use it with your team?

The easiest way to get started

Whatever you need to do, the easiest way to get started is to go to the page we call Browse. Here you can find experts, speakers, and more. You the option to filter by specific requirements, such as items, price, and more.


After you've found the right expert for you, just send an inquiry! You can learn more about the difference between a booking and inquiry in other support articles.

When you create an inquiry, we automatically create a profile for you, so you can always log in and see the conversations you are having with the experts.

How to get started as an enterprise customer

If you want to get your entire organization on - or maybe just your team - you can advantageously be set up as an enterprise customer.

There are several advantages to this, such as that admins in the organization can see all conversations and bookings that have been made in the company. Other benefits also include an overview of all employees etc.

If so, you can get in touch with Youandx - and we'll get you set up and help get started

You can easily get in touch with us here.