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The difference between a booking and an inquiry

When you want to hire an expert to perform a service, there are various methods to get in touch with them. In this article, we'll explain the difference between a booking and an inquiry so you can better understand the process.

Ways to contact an expert

There are three main ways to contact an expert:

  1. Inquire about a specific service
  2. Write a message to the expert
  3. Send a general inquiry to the expert


Inquiry of a specific service

When you are interested in a specific service offered by an expert, you can send an inquiry directly regarding that service. For example, you can request Arne Nielsson's lectures on job satisfaction and balance.

Here you will be asked to provide detailed information such as

  1. Address
  2. Duration
  3. Number of participants

Message to the expert

You can also write a direct message to the expert to ask questions or discuss further details about the desired performance

General inquiry

A general query contains more specific information such as the time and location of the service. This method is similar to writing a message, but with more detailed information.

In both messages and general enquiries, experts can send a quote or invite the customer to send a booking inquiry.

The booking process

Whichever method you choose, the booking process goes the same way:

  1. The expert sends a quote or accepts an inquiry, which converts it into a booking.
  2. The customer must approve the booking by entering payment details. The booking process is not complete until this is done.
  3. The money will be deducted (or an invoice will be issued) approximately 14 days before the event. Please keep up to date with our terms for any changes.
Now that you know the difference between a booking and an enquiry, you're better equipped to navigate the process and have the best experience with the expert.